The undeniable, stone-cold one thing to keep you from Snacking in the kitchen



You’re probably thinking “ this is nothing magical about this” but stay with me, because I experimented on this to see if it actually worked.  Keep reading and you will find out the truths of it all.

Given what the world has handed to us, we are literally locked in our homes with all those dirty little snacks that just scream at us while we are minding our own business, just chilling around the house.  And the giant wave of people posting about gaining weight and why they can’t stop snacking and eating when they aren’t hungry.


Snacking a little here and a little there will ADD up on empty calories that will induce fat on your body.  So I did a little experiment on myself to see if this theory of mine actually works.

Last week I decided that I wasn’t going to have my normal 2 bottles of the BossBody Stainless Steel Pink water Bottle which is about 80oz of water and dropped it down to about half a bottle only.  That comes out to be about 20 oz for the day.  I went back to my old habits of only drinking a sip here and there only when I was thirsty.
Here is the ONE thing I found out
Drink when you’re not thirsty.
What’s the benefit of just drinking when you’re not thirsty?

Tell me.

Is this Serious?

You bet Your Butt, it Is!!

Okay, this is what I found out
I thought about food more often than I normally do.  I wanted to constantly just eat something,  even though I knew I wasn’t hungry.  There was just something in my brain that just kept on telling me, you should go eat something, you should go snack on something.

I was always craving sweets, especially chocolate.  I wanted chips, I wanted donuts, which is really weird for me because I haven’t wanted or desired any of these types of food at this capacity for a really long time.

I am not going to lie, there were those nights that I gave in and snacked on them.  I ate chocolate chip cookies, I even had a Nutella croissant pastry and drank an Arizona Ice Tea.  O MY…

I was experimenting so I didn’t go to my bottle to drink water.  The urge to snack was lasting ALL. DAY. LONG.

I couldn’t stop thinking about food.
I was munching during the day.
I was munching at night.

I was constantly opening the fridge in hopes something would magically appear in it, that wasn’t there from the last five time I went in and looked.  I did this for at least 5 days.  Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get back to my 2 bottles of water a day, that is about 80oz for my weight and size.

When I went back to my normal water drinking habits, I kid you not the cravings for all that crap food decreased by 95%. my brain was not telling my body and my mouth I wanted chocolate chip cookies,  ice cream,  Oreos, and all the ABOVE. CRAP. FOOD.

So there was my little experiment on myself with not drinking enough water and snacking.  So if you want to crush your snacking habit, try this one thing to see if it will help you on the journey of losing weight and shrinking that belly fat.

I use my Pink BossBody Stainless Steel Water bottle because it small enough to not feel like a man walking around with a huge jug of water, but it was big enough to hold enough water to fuel me up and I only need to keep track of only drinking 2 of these a day….and it SO EASY PEASY

I don’t need to track 8 – 8 0z of glass of water a day…like seriously who has time for that….

Check it out HERE.
BossBody Blueprint

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4 thoughts on “The undeniable, stone-cold one thing to keep you from Snacking in the kitchen”

  1. I TRY to drink lots of H2O, trust me, but some days I just can’t! Or more like I won’t… For my weight I should drink at least 65-70 oz per day. Sometimes I just freaking forget, but I’m making a point of it now…thanks to your reminders and encouragement! Bottoms up ladies!!

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