It Took Me 3 Years. Now I am Ready To Share With You in 30 days How I Got The Bathing Suit Body After Three Kids

The BossBody Lifestyle is not a one and done, meaning I am not here to show you how to lose a quick 10lbs for the month… then have you gain it all back.  This is a lifestyle that I created from being a super busy mom.

I gained 60lbs with my first baby….
… then I had 2 more.  

When life got a hold of me I put myself aside and hustled and gave myself to everyone else but me. 


I looked in the mirror and the girl looking back at me was NOT me!

This girl was out of shape, exhausted, and tired ALL.THE.TIME. My skin looked horrible, brown freckles, huge pores, red spots.. dry as can be.. wrinkles (crows feet) started to appear on around my eyes!! My brain had so much brain fog… my legs ached SOO BAD… it hurt so bad and it made me so tired.

Both sides of my family died of cancer, so that thought in my head lingered around and I was so scared to when I was going to get it..

it was just time that it would happen- according to the doctors, my probability was really high…

So of course with this statistic and what was going on with myself… 

I decided to take charge and become the boss of my body!

January of 2017, I went on a health journey and that is when I learned ALL.THE.THINGS to become healthier,  pH levels, and you’re probably thinking.  What the heck is pH level and what does it have to do with me and my health and losing weight. Don’t worry, the more you read my blogs, I will explain.

In less than 3 years, as a busy mom, I was able to find all the tricks and secret to losing pounds of fat and put on lean muscle, transform myself, get a healthy body and I stopped worrying about getting cancer because I am taking care of my body, taking care of my immune system so that when diseases, bacteria, viruses.. anything that wants to make me sick.. my body can and will fight it off.

I teach ALL.THE.SIMPLE things to do in life, nothing complicated, you’re not tracking points, you’re not counting calories, you’re not putting in all the food into a tracking sheet or app. 

Who has time for that?? I sure as heck didn’t…

I created a 30-day program to teach you what I learned in the last 3 years.  I compacted 3 years of knowledge into 30 days so that you can short cut my path.

  • You deserve to be healthy 
  • You deserve to have all the energy life gives you.  
  • You deserve to feel good. 
  • You deserve to live this half of your life free of pains and aches.

BossBody Blueprint 

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