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Are you struggling with a slow metabolism?
In this blog I am going to share with you 1 simple tip, you can kickstart your metabolism up a notch.

I am Christina Nguyen, mother of 3 and a fitness fanatic and obsessed with helping women become boss of their bodies.

In my blogs, you will learn how to lose weight, the healthy way and create a new lifestyle with an easy to follow blueprint.

OK so here’s the deal ladies as we get older our metabolism starts to slow down. Our metabolism was not like it was back when we were in our 20s because now we’re 40 and it has really slowed down. I get it I was there. I was living life going on with myself. During my career. And I had three kids.

All of a sudden this week started to pile on top of each other.

The baby’s weight never went away.  My metabolism was slowing down by the day. So I started to gain all this weight. I was super unhealthy. I was tired all the time. I really couldn’t function I had brain fog all day long. You name it I had it.

I want to share it with you. A really simple tip. One simple thing that I did. That help me kickstart my metabolism. Doing this one thing first thing in the morning really kicked it up a notch.

This is one of the best things that I did for myself

It is doing this one thing right when you get up in the morning. You’re going to go to the bathroom then you were going to go into your kitchen and you were going to heat water for about 3 to 5 seconds. 

Then pour the water into a 16-ounce glass.

And here is the secret.

The secret sauce is freshly squeezed lemon.

It’s simple and it’s off a tree.  Cut it in half then squeeze the juice into the warm water.

Right after this pick up the glass and gulp it all down. Down IT!!

Here’s a quick pro-tip. When you drink water before putting the glass or water bottle down take 10 big gulps. This will help get your water intake for the day.

This has changed the game on this mama’s life. When I get up by doubting this warm lemon water it kickstarts everything. It kickstarts my organs, and kickstart my metabolism, it kickstarts everything in my body is awake. Everything in my body is moving. My mojo is going.!!

So when you get up in the morning and you down to 16 ounces of warm lemon water, you let it do its thing throughout your body for 30 minutes. Don’t drink anything don’t eat anything for at least 30 minutes after.


Christina Nguyen
BossBody Life

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