The BossBody Manifesto

A BossBody woman is fearless. She takes control of her life and designs her own story. No one else makes choices for her. To be who she wants to be, she will step into her power every day.

A BossBody is positive and determined. She doesn’t have time or space for negativity. She blocks out those who attempt to break her down. She is a strong woman who can be her authentic self. She doesn’t wear a mask to impress anyone. A BossBody woman is a lover who gives from her heart but slays the ones who take that for granted.

A BossBody is strong in her core. She takes care of herself by working out, fueling well and eating mindfully every day. She poses in front of the mirror as the duchess of her kingdom. She is a doer! She does not just talk about it. She does it! She is strong in her mind and fearless in her ways.

A BossBody makes the right decisions now to pave the way for financial freedom later. She invests in her freedom.

A BossBody is the primary educator of her children. She will instill in her cubs the value of strength and power. She will raise them to become leaders with positive mantras to guide them through their life. A BossBody woman makes her life a masterpiece by designing her own destiny.

Every day, a BossBody puts on her armor. She sheds what weighs her down – fear, self-doubt, and negativity – and embraces the confidence and light that is deep inside her waiting to be recognized. No excuses, no complaints, no turning back. She is responsible, assured and focused on moving forward, not back. She will accomplish all she sets out to. She will trust the process. Turn her up, turn her out. She is ready to fly.

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