Water.Really?You’re probably thinking “ this is nothing magical about this” but stay with me, because I experimented on this to see if it actually worked. 
Cardio is a type of exercise that raises your heart rate. It’s also a great way to trigger fat burn throughout your day so you
There is never one surefire way to reach your target, but if it’s not written down, then it doesn’t feel official. The best way to
A lot of women worry about staying hungry because of low-carb meals. If you eat the right foods you won’t stay hungry or gain weight!

4 thoughts on “The undeniable, stone-cold one thing to keep you from Snacking in the kitchen”

  1. I TRY to drink lots of H2O, trust me, but some days I just can’t! Or more like I won’t… For my weight I should drink at least 65-70 oz per day. Sometimes I just freaking forget, but I’m making a point of it now…thanks to your reminders and encouragement! Bottoms up ladies!!

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