Hey Lovely, I’m Christina Nguyen.

I help women feel amazing and UNAPOLOGETICALLY Sexy, through fitness and mind empowerment.

But once upon a time, I was a hot mess.

Years ago, I found myself in a trap. I was gaining weight and in the process losing myself. After having 3 kids, I never thought I’d have a flat tummy again. I never thought I’d fit into my skinny jeans or a tight dress. So I’d buy the next dress size up. This went on for years.

And it wasn’t just about the weight.
I had no energy to keep up at work in a hyper competitive dynamic real estate market and had even less stamina to meet the demands of being a mom and wife.

I knew I wasn’t alone, but I also knew that not ALL women were in the same situation as me.

I’d see these other women at the park. At work.
Or dropping their kids off to school. And boy, were they were different. They had energy, amazing flat tummies and overall lean bodies.  

And here I couldn’t even look at myself into the dressing room mirror, trying a dress 2x bigger than my actual size (side note: please buy a dress that’s your exact size).

I’d skip breakfast, would barely eat lunch and get through the morning with a cup of coffee. 

But the afternoon slump would trigger hunger pangs. I’d easily succumb, get myself to the nearest drive thru, and satiate my beastly appetite with a super sized #4 (yes, with fries on the side).

Then at home, I’d eat as if it were my last supper.

After years and years of this unhealthy routine, this happened…


I knew there was “a sexy, no muffin top” Christina inside of me screaming to get out!

I didn’t want to be OUT OF ENERGY. I wanted to be that mom (the odd one) in the park chasing their kids and not panting for breath every 10 seconds. And looking good while doing it.
I didn’t want a ‘fat Michelin tire’. I wanted the bloat gone and a flat tummy to takes it place. Permanently.

I wanted to trash my mom jeans, slide into my skinnies and make heads turn with envy.

I wanted to feel attractive, sexy and confident around my husband.

I wanted to stop envying other women thinking it wasn’t possible for me to achieve what they had.

If you’ve been struggling to EAT RIGHT, LOSE STUBBORN BELLY FAT, AND INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS, I want you to head over to my free Facebook group. Let’s work through this together!