3 Secrets To BossBody Lifestyle

With all the health and wellness information out there on the internet, it starts to feel overwhelming. Should I be cutting out carbs? Is cardio the best way to burn fat? Do I have to go on a 30-day juice cleanse? The questions are ENDLESS!

Thankfully, through trial and error, I have found these 3 Secrets to be the most helpful in my BossBody journey.

Secret #1

Increase your "iron" Intake

Hear me out, ladies.

Lifting light weights will help you get your form down so you don’t hurt yourself! But in order to really make changes in your body, you have to lift, Heavy!
It doesn’t have to be so heavy that you’re going to kill yourself, but heavy enough so that you’re struggling in your last two reps.
I promise you will start to see dramatic changes in your body shape!
Talk about turning your body into a fat-burning machine: ALL DAY LONG!
Your body will burn fat even when you are just sitting there relaxing and not just during the 30-60 minutes of running on the treadmill.
How freaking awesome is that ?!

Secret #2

Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body

The Old Myth is that you need food every day to survive and

If you don’t eat you get “hangry.”

When I first heard of cleansing (aka intermittent fasting), I didn’t get it either.

Cleansing and detoxifying help your body remove toxins which then helps your body better absorb the nutrients that are in the foods you eat and the supplements that you take.

The cleanse I did was ONLY 1-2 days a week.

That’s it!

I chose to do a 1-day cleanse but the 2-day cleanse burns more fat.

This was not a poopy cleanse. I was not running to the toilet every hour or so. The toxins were released through my urine and sweat.

How cool is that?

Secret #3

Eating more helps you lose weight

MYTH:  We can eat what we want as long as we count calories. And if we eat the least amount of calories as humanly possible, we’ll lose weight.

This Is SOOOO Far From The Truth.

There’s a huge difference in a 100 calorie bag of Cheez-Its and a 100 calorie bag of almonds!

You have to know the difference between
eating for fuel and eating for entertainment!

Another MYTH: Eating Fat-Free food is better for weight loss.

This Is SOOOO Far From The Truth.

You need fats to burn fats.

Wait, what?!

Yes you need fats, but you need good kinds of fats! Good fats like avocados, nuts, and the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish.

Your body needs these types of fats to drop the weight!,

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